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Katlin by Rosemary Lynch


Fourteen year old Katlin Jacobs has a strange encounter with a blue eyed, blonde haired boy in the forest on her aunt’s land. He promises that one day he will return for her before disappearing through a magical gateway.

Five years later her mother suddenly dies and while attending the reading of her will discovers an unbelievable truth; she is not human but half Elf blood and half Witch.

Mankind is about to be destroyed by the Shadowmen. Keltor, the boy from the forest has returned to act as her Protector.

Battling against the shadow demons he takes Katlin to the world of Elvendon to take her place as an Elven Princess.

They depart on a quest to find the Star of Elmrock, to release its power on the Earth. It is the only hope left to save mankind.

Her Protector must not only keep her alive from the Shadowmen but also from the Elves who would see the world of humans destroyed.

They have fallen in love with each other; but he is below her station, a mere servant in the eyes of her father, the King.

Keltor knows Katlin has a destiny to fulfil, and that he must not be a distraction to her, so hides his true feelings from her.

However, unbeknown to Katlin, the King has other plans for his daughter.


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