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Unfinished Business by Bob Jordan

Unfinished Business

An ancient door provides the portal to a man’s past, offering him two opportunities: Return to 1984 to halt the bizarre accident that took his fiancee’s life and retrieve a mysterious orb. Without intervention, the orb and its powers will be seized by evildoers.

For Trevor, the risks are high, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Twenty-nine years later Trevor still grieves for his fiancee killed by a hit-and-run driver the day before their wedding. That void can be filled. The choice is his. But can Trevor change the past?

An old German who informs Trevor that Janet’s death was planned, also provides clues relating to the orb that dangled from her neck on the day she died. Those powers emanating from the orb, perpetuate time travel. Trevor’s mission is to return to 1984 to prevent the tragedy that took his fiancee’s life, and to keep the orb from the clutches of evildoers.

The fate of the world lies in Trevor’s hands. If he refuses the old German’s proposal, the necklace will be seized by madmen whose goal is world domination and, ultimately, the control of the universe.


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