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The Last Memory (The Memory Trilogy) by T.T. Faulkner

The Last Memory

College student Noah Lane’s best friend always joked life was over once you turned twenty-one. Imagine Noah’s surprise when that rings true the night before his twenty-first birthday as he finds himself hopelessly protecting a beautiful homeless girl from a magical assassin. Noah didn’t die that night, but his normal life was over.

Waking up from the worst birthday ever, Noah finds out his world has quite literally been turned upside-down. He’s been ripped from the human world and dropped into one where magic still exists and fairy tale creatures are the norm. Not only that, but there are four other killers on the odd girl’s trail.

With no way home and a strange darkness growing inside him, Noah has no choice but to follow her, along with a schizophrenic werewolf and his pet Winnebago, as they journey across the magical countryside in an attempt to escape the remaining killers and destroy the mysterious being that sent them.

Noah will need to embrace the darkness in order to protect his new friends and the two worlds, but in the process he might become the very thing they are running from and the catalyst that destroys everything.


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This entry was posted on June 24, 2013 by in The Last Memory (The Memory Trilogy) by T.T. Faulkner.
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