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Mirian by D.S. England


“This station is responsible for protecting Mirian’s market district. You’ll be dealing with theft, murder, violent gangs, angry shopkeepers, fires, drunks, lost cats and everything in between…you’ll see the best and worst of people. You’ll see enough blood to rival the city’s busiest fish mongers and surgeons and there will be times you’ll want to crawl into a hole or a bottle and not come out. But if you can keep a keen eye on the man beside you and remember that in this district you follow my orders, not the Commander’s, the Count’s or the God’s if you can handle all of that then I’m happy to have you…if not I’m sure the Talon are looking for men…” – Watch Captain Nathan Tam

Follow the overworked and underfunded City Watch as they endeavour to keep the port city of Mirian and themselves alive whilst competing against a vicious mercenary group to enforce a brutal crackdown on crime which forces a group of thieves to take whatever jobs they can to survive. However unbeknownst to all, a new threat moves through the city’s catacombs intent on transforming Mirian into a fetid grave for its inhabitants.


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