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The Wrong Stuff, K’Barthan Trilogy: Part 2 by M.T. McGuire


The Pan of Hamgee is not a natural knight in shining armour. Yet he has escaped from police custody in K’Barth, switched realities and foiled Lord Vernon’s attempt to kidnap Ruth, the Chosen One from the Festival Hall. Pretty good, he thinks.

However, Ruth thinks otherwise. Being pursued by Lord Vernon is bad enough. Now, thanks to The Pan, she’s on the run. They are both alive, of course, but with Lord Vernon on their tail neither of them can be sure how long for.

To save her life The Pan must introduce Ruth, the woman of his dreams, to the person prophesied to be the man of hers. And he knows he must do it fast. Before Lord Vernon finds her. But the gentleman in question is in hiding and no-one knows where. Only The Pan can find him. If he can bring himself to unite them.

Independent Reviewers Say…

‘ I can thoroughly recommend this book which combines a wry, sarcastic humour and some really deep insights into human nature (even though technically all the characters aren’t human!) If you love fantasy, this series is a must.’ – Ignite – Amazon top 500 Reviewer

‘The Pan of Hamgee is one of my favourite characters of all time…. The story is tight and unpredictable and the pacing excellent. The characterisation is superb and the humour delightful.’ – Awesome Indies

Where to download The Wrong Stuff:

Apple UK:
The Wrong Stuff, K'Barthan Trilogy: Part 2 - M T McGuire
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The Wrong Stuff, K'Barthan Trilogy: Part 2 - M T McGuire
Kindle: – Here – Here
Barnes & Noble – Here
Kobo – Here
Every format you care to name, and probably some you don’t Smashwords –Here.


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