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Falaysia – Foreign World by Ina Linger


Unexpectedly and suddenly Jenna wakes up in a totally foreign, medieval world and initially is completely distraught and doesn’t know what to do. Only when she meets two old peasants, she learns she’s in the world Falaysia which is totally different to the one Jenna lives in. How she got there and why, remain unanswered questions to her at first – until she meets Leon, who also comes from her world, but has been lost in Falaysia for many years. Through him, she learns that her aunt Melina and the wizard Demeon are responsible for their predicament and that they are both part of a dangerous game, they yet need to understand. Although Jenna and Leon feel uneasy about each other, they decide to get it together and try to find the way through the countries of Falaysia back home jointly. This is far from being child’s play to them, because it seems as if a war is breaking out in Falaysia. And then there’s additionally the feared warrior-prince Marek, who still has a personal score to settle with Leon and pursues him like a maniac. A man who soon threatens Jenna’s life as well, but still fascinates her in a strange way…
In October 2012 ‘Falaysia – Foreign World – Book I’ won the German ‘dnbp’-award for literature.

The dnpb-Jury: “Falaysia testifies to a lot of imagination, is well-written and coherent. It’s a wonderful book for connoisseurs and lovers of the genre that is partly reminiscent of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings’ and has all ingredients a book of this genre needs.”


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